Some of my long-term projects in creating with nature in the garden and in the studio.

Up for a brief tour?


The garden, where things of a sublime and magical order ensue.


Continuing along with the tour looking across the herb and prairie gardens to the studio…the building with the yellow door. The ladder is from cherry picking and hasn’t been moved away yet, even though the cherries are finished this year. Maybe I’m hoping for a few more?

Next we’ll peek inside the studio.


The door opens into the half of the studio where I keep most of my textile supplies and where I work . An organized and pretty …mess. Some day to have big cupboards along one wall to minimize too much stuff strewn about. (There are actually many boxes and baskets neatly organized, which you can’t see in this photo.)


Ongoing storyboard on the right wall before the work area.


And the corner where I loaf!

Just kidding.

Along the wall to the left, which isn’t showing here, and in this corner, I hang and arrange things I’m working on, including these woven vine “chandeliers”.

In the lit and also unseen far corner is a table for painting, more hanging and arranged work, plus bookcases.


The painting corner…

that’s the last glimpse for today.

What do you think?

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