Summer is Fleeting This Year ~ 8.7.14

Usually our Piedmont Virginia summers are hot, hot & humid, and endless. Often I get quite a good bit of studio time in, away from the demands of the garden: if it’s too hot and dry, I don’t mow much, nor do much else besides water a little and pick a few things to eat. Otherwise I stand with the butterflies and bees dancing around my head.


This year, like last, has been unusually cool and pleasant. So studio time is precious. Perhaps this affords a more magical creative vessel to work, when I do sneak a precious day or some hours in the studio.

This is what I’ve been up to:

Garden elf, queen anne's lace and arctic hare

From the entire scene, here’s an overview of all the objects. First is the doll: about 10″ tall and with exquisite handsewn clothes, including layers of old-fashioned undies, the garden eleven girl. I made  a quick sketch, and lo and behold she turned out, especially in the face, just like my drawing!

The hare is one of those pieces that I will have a hard time parting with, his expression is so convincingly real.

And the flower, which may be a bit hard to see, is an interpretation of Queen Anne’s Lace, a sculpture really, with many painstakingly wrapped and stitched parts. The green silk is naturally dyed, and there is wire and then stainless steel/silk wrapped “yarn”, really more like thread. The central stamen cluster of the flower is a rich, plum silk velvet .

Garden elf girl


close up garden elf

Here’s more of the arctic hare:

arctic hare

Arctic Hare gazing right


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