As a child of six or seven, I was aware there was a world of light that…should? could?….manifest in nature, yet rarely did. Sometimes this world of presences was found in abandoned lot wildflower tangles, or in a modest flowerbed belonging to a neighborhood elderly lady.

This absence disappointed and perplexed me and so I turned to art, visual and literal, for consolation and reassurance. For in all the fairy tales, drawings, colors and joy in making things, was tangible evidence of something most people (around me, at least!) poo-poohed.

Art stayed with me; the glimmering recall of something possible in nature was forgotten awhile, until my early thirties. Then appeared again this very real potential: an ineffable something that could be encouraged, perceived through experience, in a garden, the world, in oneself. This “ineffable something” is what is also called the elemental world, the first of the layers of subtle realms we encounter in consciousness.

In sharing images and thoughts from the work in my studio, my biodynamic garden and nature sanctuary, I’m hoping to inspire others to pursue and grow heart-eyes for nature. Consider living in a more tender way, allowing quiet beauty, wonder, creativity and non-forcing in doing to shape the life you live.

For as I’ve discovered, we are evolving to the stage where we can no longer expect to passively receive all the life forces and blessing gifts of nature and the spiritual worlds, but need instead to cultivate them by giving to nature, to one another, out of the outflowing warmth and light of our own hearts. The act of deep listening and beholding which is awareness, is a giving of love.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

~W.B. Yeats