~A Handmade Life Among the Plants~


Yes, it's Slow Fashion October. But honestly, I'm in "slow fashion" and slow living nearly all the time. It is a strange thing to be living in such a technologically geared world which at the same time, puts making and homesteading into an almost celebrity status Read more...»


The inhabitants of Fairyworld are varied and many, from gnomes that like to live amongst roots and mushrooms to elves and elf babies who work with the water sprites and fire spirits to shape and bring forth flowers, fruit, scent and color. Learn More»

Luminous Natural Dyes

Luminous silk scarves shimmer with the colors extracted from natural dyes. Silk, of all the fibers, reveals best the quality of light, a wonderful foil for the pigments derived from plants and insects. Wool, on the other hand, becomes the most opaque and saturated with color. Learn More»